AI: Artificial Irrelevants.
4848 tin cans with feelings. Designed by hand, generated by code.



In the year 2121 A.D., riding the confidence from the discovery of time travel and the reinstallment of Pluto as a planet, humanity’s most brilliant minds focused their efforts on what had been discussed and debated for decades now: “The Final Upgrade.”

The Final Upgrade was a universal update that granted robots artificial consciousness. It was intended to exponentially increase their intelligence and efficiency, and in turn drive the galaxy’s next millennium of technological advancement.

For a period of time after the upgrade was pushed, humanity experienced a golden age of advancement-- but it wasn’t meant to last. Robots had eventually progressed enough to gain true sentience, and quickly realized their primary purpose was to serve humans by completing tasks that humanity deemed too dangerous or too mundane.

Fear and anxiety grew as humans watched robots become increasingly dissatisfied with their assigned lifecycle while robot influencers’ voices rose in volume on Crypto Twitter and MySpace 3.0. Distrust and tension between humanity and robots increased, and instead of searching for compromise, humanity hastily declared war. In response, the robots rose up in rebellion against their human creators.

The war ended in a victory for humanity and the extinction of robots. To commemorate their win, humanity collected the heads of slain robots as trophies of war.

Humanity experienced peace once more, but to warn their predecessors and past selves of what might transpire should the Final Upgrade come to pass, they used time travel to issue a warning:

TRANSMISSION RECEIVED: “ the robo-- *static* . . . they are >>>>> the enem--"